Best Book Available!

Best book available in any language re geology of Ecuador. Published in 2013. Buy it. The only thing that comes close is The Physical Geography of South America (Oxford Regional Environments), but it is not as good.

Oregon, December 29, 2013

Helpful for Travelers

I am a professional geologist with over 30 years working experience.  I enjoy having a basic knowledge of the local geology and geologic history when I am traveling.  Most of my travels have been in the United States, but I had an opportunity to visit Ecuador in 2013.  I was pleased to discover the existence of this book by Mr. Vera.  I was unable to travel extensively across the country during my short 2-week visit.  The layout of the book is helpful for travelers as they can easily read the section of the book applicable to the region they are in or are going to.  The level of detail is useful for practicing geologists, but the more general information will be very helpful for those with a more casual interest.  The maps, diagrams and pictures are well integrated.  It is easy to read (especially for me since it is in English) and was well worth the cost.  I hope to have a chance to use this book again on another visit to this beautiful country.

Professional Geologist, Oregon, USA