Geology Of Ecuador Paperback

Geology Of Ecuador

Geology of Ecuador paperback 150 pages including full color photographs, maps and charts.

Geology of Ecuador is organized in two parts. General Overview and Detailed Studies of Geological Systems and Formations.

The first edition of Geology of Ecuador is now sold out! Thank you for your support!

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Thanks to a great response the first edition of Geology Of Ecuador has been sold out, we are currently working on a second updated edition that will be available in print and as an ebook.

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Live in the United States? We have a handful of copies available via Amazon for shipment within the US; purchase here.

Live in Quito? We have a few copies remaining at the gift shop in the Museo Intiñan in Mitad del Mundo, San Antonio de Pichincha.


Best Book Available!

Best book available in any language re geology of Ecuador. Published in 2013. Buy it. The only thing that comes close is The Physical Geography of South America (Oxford Regional Environments), but it is not as good.

Oregon, December 29, 2013

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